As we light the second candle of Advent this week, we are looking at God’s preparation for His Word to come to life in the form of Jesus. I’m continuing to use Unwrapping the Names of Jesus as my devotional during this season of Advent. And this week, Asheritah is challenging me to look at three angles of the word of God.

The Creative Word of God

God’s first recorded words were “Let there be light.” And so the story began. God brought physical light into the world through creation. Then He brought in spiritual Light when we, His creation, turned away.

But have you ever really read through Genesis 1…I mean really read it? It’s a story so familiar to all of us that it is easy to skim through. Oh that creation story, yeah, yeah. When we read it carefully and thoughtfully though, the story comes alive with creativity. With every spoken word, another life sprang to being in its rightful place. And even when His crowning creation achievement turned away, God’s creative word prepared another way.

He loves us so much that He wouldn’t just give up on us. 

The Communicative Word of God

As a lover of words, God’s communication with us is one of my favorite things about Him. Throughout history, as He has prepared for us to come to Him, He has wanted to communicate with us. First directly, then through patriarchs and judges and kings and prophets. Finally through Jesus who reminded us that to know Him is to know the Father.

He loves us so much that He wanted to keep talking to…and with…us.

Jesus is the Final Word of God

Finally, in one last desperate attempt to communicate, God sent Jesus as His final Word.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The final creative communication to a people who struggled to believe and accept.

He loves us so much that He wouldn’t even spare His own son to get our attention.

The testimony today is just that…God loves us. In this season of waiting and preparation, we are to remember that God loves us. In His infinitely creative way, He has communicated that to us over and over and over again. We just have to believe it.

Here’s what I’m finding in this season, too. When I sit in the stillness of the morning and listen for His voice as I read His words, I believe it. The hope that waits on the birth of the Baby fuels the anticipation of what will come next. And what comes next is the living embodiment of God’s love.







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Holly Barrett

In company with Jesus
He will come like the winter rains