In the last day or two, a friend posted a question on Facebook asking for the reason you still read blogs, if you in fact do read them. There were several options to choose from that fell along the lines of the most common types of blogs. But the final choice was to be spiritually inspired by the writer’s words.

There are probably lots of reasons to read blogs, and books, and websites. You can learn stuff you didn’t know before. You can learn how to do things you couldn’t do before. You can laugh or cry. You can get lost in a world of story different from your own.

But in this informal survey, the overwhelming response was that people read blogs to be inspired by the writer’s words.

Frankly, that’s probably what we want our readers to feel when they read our words…inspired, encouraged, challenged. And so we write…praying for the right words that will resonate with even one reader. Offering up words as a sacrifice of praise to the One who authored the words to begin with. 

Some of the words that inspired me this year were…

Brave Needs Community by Mary Geisen. This post challenged me to think about how I was investing in my real life community.

MS 046 Colleen Mitchell: Loss and Ongoing Grief and MS 047 Colleen Mitchell: Being Broken and Learning to See Grief as a Gift from Jacque Watkins’ podcast, Mud Stories. These two podcasts helped me to see where I was stuck in my own loss and grief, and gave me a way to move forward.

Shoelaces from an anonymous writer in the Testimony Tuesday Women Who Inspire series. This post was so courageous and the way this community reached out to the author without even knowing who she was just made my day!

Playing to the Rhythm of Life on Life Letter Cafe. Yep, I wrote that one. Or rather, God did. And He used it to encourage me to slow down, take a deep breath, and re-evaluate some things in my life.

There are tons of others…but I want to give you all a chance to link up the posts that encouraged you this year. You are welcome to link up one of your own, but I’ll ask you to first link up one of someone else’s before adding yours!

I pray this week is full of life, love, and laughter as you enjoy the Christmas season with those you love. 


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Holly Barrett

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