I started out 2015 feeling called into the Presence of God. I wanted to spend the year in the immediate vicinity of Jesus. 

To recognize His presence in my surroundings.

To experience His presence in my relationships.

To dwell in the active and anticipatory hope borne of His presence. 

I am going to be real transparent here and say that I didn’t do that very well this year. It was a long year, frustrating in many ways, and I didn’t do a good job at managing my boundaries. Some days I didn’t even draw any boundaries!

But here’s the thing…God’s presence in my life isn’t always dependent on me seeking Him out. This year I’ve seen His presence even when I wasn’t really looking.

In the spring, His presence was apparent in the welcome I received in my new church.

His presence overwhelmed me as I held my third grandbaby in late May.

The glory of His presence shone on the faces of Five Minute Friday friends when we gathered for a retreat in August.

A new job in my agency at the end of October testified to the ministry of His presence in a weary and worn-out soul.

And those are just the highlights from the year. It doesn’t even touch the beauty of the place where I live, the love of friends and family, the doors opened for education, new ventures in writing and podcasting, the lessons I learned from memory verses, and on and on. He was there. He was in all of it. 

This year has continued to exemplify why I love testimonies so much. Because when we don’t…or can’t…see or feel Him working, we need the reminders. We need to be challenged to open our eyes to what He is doing every day. Every. Day.

So next time I forget to notice His presence, y’all remind me, okay? And I’ll do the same for you!


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Holly Barrett

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