All throughout 2015, I posted about the memory verses I was learning as part of Beth Moore‘s Siesta Scripture Memory Team. This was my second time to participate in memorizing God’s words. It’s a long haul all year long to work on the verses…and there were weeks and months that I did better than others. But like Beth says, a little Jesus is better than no Jesus, so I gave myself grace and kept plugging away. 

spiral 2At the end of the memory year, Beth hosts a celebration gathering, which was this past weekend. And so we gathered again in Houston. 800 strong, with scripture spirals in hand. Testimony of a year’s worth of work.

The goal was to memorize two verses per month. Verses that meant something to each of us…that would write God’s word on our hearts…that would strengthen and encourage us in our individual journeys. So whether we memorized all 24 verses exactly word for word, or we were able to paraphrase the message God gave us through those verses, we had done it. Started out strong and finished stronger. With God’s word written on our hearts. 

Many of my verses centered around the Presence of God, since Presence was my word for 2015. Here’s a few of the lessons I learned…

In January, my request was to live in the presence of the Lord forever, and for Him to stand me tall in His presence so I could look Him in the eye.

March was a lesson in working for the Lord, even when working here on earth seems hard.

In April, I was reminded of the blessing God has been through all the generations of my family.

In June, I was challenged to stop listening to the voices in my head. 🙂

October brought the lesson that I can approach the throne of grace with boldness.

And December, I was reminded to live a self-controlled, upright, and godly life.

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The stage was beautiful. The praise and worship with Travis Cottrell was inspiring. And Beth’s words were moving, and funny, and aimed at our hearts. We learned how God is our nevertheless in a world and a life that often doesn’t make sense.

We feel alone and abandoned; nevertheless, God doesn’t leaves us.

We often return to a mess we had left behind; nevertheless, God has mercy on us in our distress.

I am never the less, even when I don’t get my yes.

Friendships were renewed and strengthened. And no doubt, we all left encouraged to hang on to our own “nevertheless.” I was so glad to meet up with friends made at the same event two years ago, and we hugged like nobody’s business! And there were new friends to be made too. So much fun!





The event was certainly fun and full of learning. But the testimony is this…

God’s word changes lives. Mine and yours. All we have to do is take it in.

So here’s to a job well done for all those who  memorized their verses. I’m grateful for the encouragement of those gals that I only see every couple of years but who tweet and tag me all year long to make sure I’m still hanging in there. And I am forever changed by how God’s word has worked in my life. 


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Holly Barrett

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