I get paid once a month. I know, right? It seems like a nightmare to have to stretch out your paycheck over a month. Regardless of how many times you get paid a month, the money’s all the same. But there’s something about the sweet relief of knowing that every other week…or on the 1st and 15th…another check is coming in. But anyway, we get paid once a month.

The nice thing about it is that when we get paid, I sit down and pay all my bills. Once a month. They are paid and done. I do like that!

Every month, when I do my bills, I think about how that money is being used. I want to be intentional not only about my giving, but about the other things I use that hard earned cash for. I keep a pretty detailed budget…which I may or may not always follow. Because you know, Old Navy and Target. But at least when I spend my money, I know where it’s going! 🙂

Anyway, my point is that every month when I review my paycheck, pay my bills, and budget the rest to last throughout the month, I want to make those dollars count for something. At the end of the month, I don’t want to look back and think that I’ve frittered it all away on a lot of nothing.

I mentioned in this post that I want to pray that God will make what we experience this year count for something. It’s always interesting how our words come back to haunt us sometimes, huh? This past week at work was trying for me. Some unseen forces (and some not so unseen) seemed to be attacking from all angles. It was unpleasant and uncomfortable and kinda maddening.

But God never lets anything go to waste and He didn’t this time either. The difficult moments were offset by the reminder from a friend that He has me right where He wants me. He took the time to confirm that what I’m learning today will be put in use tomorrow.

So as I’m praying that He will make all things count this year, I’m going to count on Him. I’m certain He won’t let me down. 

I am counting on the Lordyes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word. Psalm 130:5 NLT


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