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Just last night, I ran into a building on campus to take some pictures. When I came back out, it occurred to me that I was walking right past the front door of our campus pastor’s house. We’ve all been busy and we don’t get out a lot when it’s cold, so I hadn’t seen his wife and kids in several weeks. On a whim, I knocked on the door.

A simple knock resulted in an invitation to dinner…which was yummy. And a bowl of ice cream…which I didn’t have at home.

There also might have been a fashion show from three little girls who are getting ready for Easter!

It was impromptu. It wasn’t fancy (although the food was fab!). And it refreshed my soul.

It also made me think about how often we do things with friends on the spur of the moment. Seems like we are often too busy. Or too tired from all the busy. Or the house isn’t clean. Or we don’t have anything to cook.

But what I learned last night is that sharing life with friends doesn’t have to be any of that. It doesn’t have to be planned. It can happen just because someone knocks on the door to say hello.

Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. I Peter 4:9

The testimony for me is that we never know how far a little hospitality is going to go in encouraging another person. Living alone is hard sometimes. Missing my kids and grandkids is hard a lot of the time. But a simple invitation makes you feel wanted. The opportunity to share what’s on your heart and mind makes you feel loved. Enjoying a family dinner makes you feel included.

Throw in a bowl of ice cream and Easter dresses and you’ve got an evening that only God could have provided!

Who can you offer some impromptu hospitality to today?

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Holly Barrett

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