Lately I’ve not been a very good blogger. Or podcaster either one, for that matter (my apologies to guests who are waiting for their episodes to air). My schedule has gone out the window and my computer sits on my desk almost mocking me. Not really…but that’s what it feels like some days.

Every week I have high hopes of getting back on the wagon but alas, it doesn’t happen. Some days I don’t have words to say. Some days I have words…but don’t want to say them. Some days I’m just tired.

Not tired of the writing. And certainly, never, ever, tired of the community. But definitely tired of the self-imposed have-to’s of my own creativity. I love what I do. But when I feel like I have to do it, somehow the joy of it gets lost.

So I’ve decided it is okay…

…it’s okay to come home from a full day of writing, publicity, and social media and just sit on the couch.

…it’s okay to not have anything to say.

…and it’s okay to choose to do something else anyway.

And the reason it’s okay is this:

He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. 2 Timothy 1:9a

The testimony is that I’m not called to do anything in particular…except live a holy life.

Writing every day doesn’t make me good. Jesus is already good in me.

Keeping up with everybody else in the online world doesn’t mean I’m loved. Jesus has already loved me.

Maintaining some kind of crazy self-imposed schedule doesn’t earn salvation. Jesus has already given that with grace and mercy.

Yeah, I’ll keep on writing and podcasting and updating my Facebook status. But I think I’ll let go of the “have to’s”! Because really, there’s only one thing we all have to do anyway…well, two things…

Love God. Love others. 

That sure takes a whole lot of other pressure out of life, doesn’t it?

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