I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve been on a kick of having things break down around me. Not that I can control most of that but it does make me wonder what I’ve done to have multiple equipment failures so close together!

First it was the washing machine and the little lever that stops the machine from spinning when you open the lid while it is running. That lever also lets the machine start spinning at the appropriate time, otherwise all you end up with is sopping wet clothes and gallons of water to bail out of the tub. Yeah, fun.

Next it was my car’s radiator. For over a year the temperature gauge would run hot but the car never boiled over. The mechanic looked at it several times and much like a temperamental toddler, the temperature gauge never hit hot when the mechanic was around. Driving around in 5:00 traffic trying to get down to south Charlotte was a whole ‘nother story. Anyway. My master technician and the Nissan service guy both agreed that the only thing to do was to replace the radiator, both hoses and the thermostat-thingy. Too bad they couldn’t agree to pay for it themselves!

Then just the other day I pulled out my blender to make a smoothie…it was delicious by the way. Washed the container and went to put it all back under the sink (because I don’t like small appliances sitting on my kitchen counters…call me weird) and dropped the container right on the tile floor. It might have even bounced a time or two, but it didn’t shatter and being that it was plastic, I just put it back in the cabinet for the next time.

A day or so later and I got a hankerin’ for another smoothie and pulled the blender out again. Got it all set up, ingredients poured in, lid secure, and turned it on. All of a sudden everything that was liquid in the smoothie mix was running all over my countertop. Where was it coming from, you ask? Why, the big hole next to the handle, from having bounced on the tile floor a few days prior! What a mess! Thankfully it won’t cost as much to replace the radiator…or fix the washer for that matter.

It did get me to thinking though about the unseen holes that sometimes form in our lives. We are skipping merrily along through life (well maybe you don’t skip, merrily or otherwise, but you get the point)…we might bump into a few things or get bounced around by life, but we still feel pretty good. We pick ourselves up, look for the obvious signs of bleeding, and move on.

Then the day comes when we are just blending a smoothie, and all of a sudden there is stuff just pouring out all over the floor around us…coming out of a big ole hole that we didn’t even know was there. That’s why it is important to take stock on a regular basis of all that is going into our hearts and minds…all the good and the bad…all the highs and the hurts. We need to be constantly asking God, “Where is a new leak springing up and how are we gonna fix it?”

Because you see, that’s His job. Fixing the leaks. Plugging the holes. Healing the hurts. So that it doesn’t just start pouring out all over ourselves and everyone around us.

Restore us, O God; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved. Psalm 80:3

It’s important to ask this question when we get knocked down by a big bump in the road…but equally important to ask it on a regular basis when life seems fine with a few minor annoyances. We all experience small hurts, slights,  and disappointments that don’t seem like a big deal at the time. But sometimes they hit us at just the right vulnerable spot and become a big deal rather quickly.

If we don’t, the small hole in the blender may become the big problem with the radiator before we know it.


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