I’m not very good at praying. It’s less of a shopping list of requests from God, and more of a ramble about myself and my thoughts and feelings. However in the months and weeks before my second child’s birth, I was praying specifically, intentionally and fervently.

After my first baby, Phoebe, was born, I was in pain for months after my stitches didn’t heal properly, and was repeatedly fobbed off by doctors giving me creams and telling me it was normal. It hurt to walk, and I felt like my body had failed. Six months later, I finally had an operation to fix everything. Second time around, I was understandably anxious that it would happen again, leaving me in pain and sadness with two small children who needed me.

So I prayed, and prayed, and trusted God that He would listen. He had sustained me through those tricky, painful months, and I was scared that it would happen again but knew I could trust my Heavenly Father. My faith in Him answering my prayer was small but it was there.

When we ask, He listens.

He answers, even if not in the way we expect. My labour and contractions this time were lengthy, leaving me exhausted, but once we got into the pool room delivery was smooth, easy, and stitch free! I was so relieved, and I’m ashamed to say, quite surprised. God was faithful, He answered our prayers and even a year later I’m so quick to forget the good deeds He has done for me in the past.

Five months later we moved down the country due to my husband’s new job, and after seven weeks of caring for toddler and baby and packing the house up alone (my husband was working away then) I was exhausted. Being woken multiple times a night, and completely disorientated in a house and village I had never seen before, I was relieved to be quickly welcomed into a new church. I was surviving, doing what needed to be done. Prayer other than exhausted snapshots through the day was not a priority.

One of the first Sundays we were there, our pastor preached about faith, and Matthew 17:20. I started praying with faith that God would and could answer my prayers. That He had the power to change situations. I always knew that, but I rarely prayed like it. I was used to pleading desperately, keeping my expectations low so that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Overnight, after praying about Phoebe’s potty training (a small issue, but one God cared about), she made so much progress. I could truly see how praying with faith, and ‘bothering’ God faithfully made a huge actual difference. I prayed about Simeon’s sleeping, and again that improved leaps and bounds.

Praying specifically and with faith reminded me God is listening, that He cares, that He has power to change things.

Do all of my prayers get the answers I want? No. I remind myself to pray ‘not your will, but mine’, since that is really my desire. I know that through trials and hard times I am learning, being refined and turned into gold. But I can pray with faith that I have a God who listens, cares and acts.

You may feel like your faith is small, like no one is listening, like you have been praying for years for something. Jesus himself says,

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move.Matthew 17:20

Your faith may be small, shaky and seem like it’s not enough, but it is. Trust, have faith. God cares, I’ve seen it myself.



Zoe is a Jesus lover, word lover, and creative type, as well as mummy to two little ones. She is trying to live an intentional and creative everyday life and loves sharing this through her Etsy shop and blog. You can also connect with her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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