There are so many ways to talk about what God has done in our lives. Some people sing. Some write poetry. Some paint or draw. Some preach. Some write. I checked my blog this week, and this post is the 834th published post since 2009. That’s a lot of words.

Not all of them specifically speak to how God has worked in my life. Some are about family, or are just to encourage the reader in their own walk. But in all, I think the totality paints a big picture of a life that lives, talks, and wrestles with God pretty regularly. Heavy emphasis on the wrestling.

As this year winds down to a close, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of our favorite posts from 2015. The posts we like the most, that tell God’s story the best. I often like to imagine this community sitting around tables, sharing a meal and our words. Wouldn’t that be fun? So here’s three of my faves from this year…

I wrote Resolution, Release and Results while thinking about relationships. How they unfold sometimes in ways that are not what we had hoped, and what do we do when things go south. It’s far too easy to just quit, but that’s not what God calls us to. Some of His best work is done in the restoration of broken relationships.

Some of my favorite posts every year are for Five Minute Friday. It’s such a great community and fabulous way to exercise the writing chops! I loved the prompt, Welcome, because it made me think about how welcoming I am to newcomers. Especially in light of how welcoming God always is to me.

Back in the spring, I wrote My unexpected response to the invitation of Lent. It’s amazing what God can do when we answer His invitaiton.

But my favorite post of all this year was The Power of a Recovery Story. It is a brief glimpse into my own story of recovery and how God saved me from myself.

Now it’s time for you to link up your favorite story of how God has worked in your life this year. You might have linked it up previously…or maybe you just wrote it this week. Either way, I can’t wait to read it!

Please know that I try hard get to as many of the linked up posts as possible. I can’t always comment, but I do read and share as many as possible each week. Thank you for visiting one another and encouraging one another. This is a great community and I love you all!


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Last week, we wrapped up the year long Testimony Tuesday series, Women Who Inspire. Congratulations to Nannette Elkins who won the celebration giveaway!!

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