Probably the thing I’m most grateful for is how the lines of communication are always open between me and God.  I love to read His Word, and other people’s words about Him.

I first remember God’s Word coming to life for me in 1999.  I was almost nineteen and my friend was a backing-singer in a worship group.  My gran had recently died and I wasn’t at all sure I believed in God, but I went along on a Saturday night to hear their music.  I wasn’t expecting a sermon, but the pastor spoke about anger, envy etc.  He quoted, “Envy rots the bones,” which, unbeknownst to me, came from Proverbs 14:30.  My younger sister was having driving lessons at the time, and as I’m blind, I had no hope of ever having any.  I was absolutely convinced I was envious, and if what this man said was true, my bones must have well and truly rotted away.  He went on to describe hell so vividly that for the first time, I saw it was a real place – not just a story I’d heard in primary school.  If Jesus came into our lives, we were told, He could make those sins (those things that were wrong) disappear.

As everyone else sang the last song, I sat in my seat, deep in thought.  I told God I didn’t want to come to Him just out of fear of going to hell, and He answered me, “Come because I love you.

From then on, everything was different.  Instead of just deciding what was right, I wanted to know what God thought. I had been so fanatical about a popular rock group who espoused certain beliefs that I agreed with everything its members did. Once I knew Jesus I began looking in God’s Word and found what He had to say about certain lifestyle choices.  I had to choose between my old beliefs and the things I learned in God’s word.

Not only did God teach me, He reassured me too.  One day I was sitting on my bed, thinking about being a single woman, how far away my sponsored children lived, and who would look after me in my old age.  God gently whispered,

Even to your old age and grey hairs I will sustain you… Isaiah 46:4

I didn’t know how He would sustain me, or whether it would include marriage, but I was comforted.

Another time, I had moved to my new flat, close enough to church that I could walk there on Sundays.  I’d follow the fence with my white cane, but part of it had broken away, so I was walking beside a drop of several feet.  Every week I was terrified that either I’d lose my cane, or I’d fall down the drop myself and twist my ankle, and no one would be there to help.  I’d literally be shaking as I walked that part of the route, but one Sunday night before I set out, I was reading Psalm 121

He will not let your foot slip. Psalm 121:3

I can’t say the fear went overnight, but I’ve never forgotten that verse.

There must be many other examples of how God’s taught, reassured and directed me over the years.  I just thank Him for speaking into my life and being interested in me.  As Paul says in Colossians,

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly. Colossians 3:16

I can’t recommend it enough.

SarahTummeySarah Tummey is a song-writer, book-reviewer and blogger who enjoys reading, writing, and time spent with friends/family.  Her volunteering has included working for her local food bank, acting out Bible-stories in primary schools, and typing for a ministry based in Australia.  Sarah lives in the UK and hopes her words are an encouragement to others, most especially those she writes in letters to her beloved Compassion-children.  You can follow Sarah on Twitter or visit her blog.


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