Last fall, I had this little idea. I’d pitch out a request for guest posters for Testimony Tuesday. The Testimony Tuesday link up is all about sharing your stories of how God is working in your life. But I wanted to use my own space as a way to highlight some of you and your stories of specific situations where God has worked. I thought I’d have a few responses.

But God had a different plan in mind. Instead of a handful of stories…a few weeks of guest posters…we got 52. A whole year of posts dedicated to telling the goodness of God’s work in our lives.

We’ve read about marriages restored, addictions overcome, relationships repaired, forgiveness offered, restoration, healing, and growth. It has been nothing short of miraculous. Because when all seemed lost and dark and despairing, God stepped in.

You all have blessed one another. You have shared openly and courageously. You have cheered for each writer, prayed together, and encouraged one another. And our community has grown. Not just in numbers but in strength. That’s been the real lesson for me this year.

The enemy wants to divide and conquer. But God wants us to come together in victory.

The enemy wants us to believe his lies. But God wants us to revel in the truth of His word and His work in our lives.

The enemy wants us to keep quiet. But God wants us to shout what He has done from the rooftops.

We have all learned the power in sharing our stories of the God who steps in, who saves, restores, heals, and redeems.

The good news is that we get to keep on sharing. While the Women Who Inspire series ends today, Testimony Tuesday is going to continue each week. The link up will be waiting for you each Tuesday morning to continue sharing your stories of what God is doing in your life. Here’s what’s coming up next:

12/15 – Link up your best post on what God has done in your life

12/22 – Link up someone else’s post that has inspired you the most in 2015

12/29 – I’ll share my One Word wrap up for 2015. You can link up whatever God-story you want, but maybe you would like to share about your One Word or your year too.

1/5 – I’ll share my One Word for 2016. You can link up whatever God-story you want, but maybe you would like to share about your One Word or hopes and dreams for next year.

So get ready to share!

Thank you to all 52 women who bravely shared their stories this year. You can catch up on all the posts HERE. You have blessed me so much with your stories and inspired me with your trust in God in sharing your stories. You truly are Women Who Inspire!

And what would a celebration be without a couple of gifts, right? 🙂

So enter to win a couple of my new favorite books (this post contains affiliate links which help support the site {full disclosure}:

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Join the Testimony Tuesday community! We are sharing our stories of how much God has done for us.

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