My journey toward weight loss started ten years ago, when I was at my highest weight of 245 pounds. I have been on almost every diet from Atkins to Weight Watchers. Throw in Master Cleanse with lemon and maple syrup, cabbage soup, and grapefruit. I think I have read most diet books and tried many other plans. I know how to lie on my food journal and how to have food amnesia– did I really eat hot tamales and potato chips in the same sitting? I know how to read a food label and what foods to combine to make a perfect 40-30-30 meal. Of course, salad and vegetables are your friend as long as the dressing is on the side.  I know that to lose one pound a week one must eat 500 calories less and one must move more, three to five times a week, 20 to 30 minutes.

During the years between 2005 and 2010, I met Jorge Cruise. I practiced the many principles outlined in his books, like eating from “Cruise Down Plate.”  Also, I met Dr. Nick Yhantidies. He wrote, My Big Fat Greek Diet. I love this man. He has a heart of gold and his support groups helped me to define my journey. He said so many profound things, however there are two that are worth repeating, “You have to change the way you see before you can change the way you look,” and, “God asks us to be a temple of the Holy Spirit not a cathedral.”

Because none of the plans I tried were working and I was desperate to lose weight, in 2010 I tried a liquid fast through my health insurance company. I lost eighty pounds and I promptly bought a new wardrobe. I relished being a size 12. I loved weighing 157 pounds. But the weight loss did not last, and after three attempts at fast weight loss I found myself at 233 pounds in October 2012. I felt like such a failure. I did not think I could drink one more protein drink. I was on a weight loss teeter totter. My health was suffering. I was diagnosed with Morbid Obesity. My body mass index proved the diagnosis of obesity, mine was 40. A healthy BMI is 24-29.

At the end of my rope, I decided to see if I qualified for bariatric weight loss surgery. Part of the requirements for surgery was to attend classes for six months from October 2011 to March 2012 in order to prepare for surgery. I had to lose 10% of weight while in class. Before I started the classes, I gained twenty pounds. I had one other obstacle, I had to have knee surgery in May, 2012. My knee replacement was to ensure success because in order to lose weight one needs to move. During this time, I humbly acknowledged that I loved food more than God. Food had become my idol as I learned by reading Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst and Idol Lies by Dee Brestin.

July 23, 2012 was a life changing day. I had a gastric sleeve where two-thirds of my stomach was removed. Surgery went well and my life was given a new lease. I made a promise to God to never eat past full again.

Today, I am still on a journey with God to honor Him with the healing He has given me in this area of my life. I have lost 103 pounds during this long journey. I used to wear a size 20 and now I am a 4. My BMI is 24 and I am at a normal weight. I am so thankful and I celebrate God’s healing every day.

You see, food is no longer an idol for me. I eat to live but I no longer live to eat.

I want to only be a temple of the Holy Spirit.  

I submitted this story to Tracie Miles and she included my weight loss journey in her book, Your Life Still Counts in Chapter 12. So I’m giving away one copy to a reader. Please enter below and check back daily for the Bonus Entry!


Diana Rockwell is a Jesus girl who has loved God since she was 11 years old, because He first loved her. Diana is fascinated by life and loves her roles as wife, mother, grandmother and nurse. She loves to read, write, sew, and be with family and friends. Connect with Diana on her blog, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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