each of us did the work given

The moment I read the announcement, I knew.

I had never taken a Bible study, but I knew I needed to take this one. My church had just begun offering Bible studies and Disciple was a whopper – an entire school year reading the Bible cover to cover. I’ve always loved to study, but this wasn’t merely an interesting topic. I experienced a knowing, an unexplainably strong and illogical desire to take the class. I now understand that God was speaking.

But of course, I quickly reasoned it away.

With a workaholic husband and three young children, I couldn’t commit to the daily homework or weekly 2.5 hour class. I let the opportunity pass, but heard Disciple participants report exciting, new insights throughout the year. When Disciple was offered again, I didn’t hesitate and resolved to manage the work somehow. God already knew the plan.

I didn’t sleep that year.

It wasn’t because I enjoyed reading Scripture in the wee hours of morning. I was suffering from undiagnosed, untreated depression and insomnia. God and I spent many quiet nights together in my dimly lit kitchen over my Bible and workbook spread across the table. I had always been a believer, enjoyed Sunday school, attended a Christian school, and memorized scripture. In my late teens and twenties, I removed God from my life, but had come running back when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She had given me a study Bible and I was digging in.

I didn’t just learn about God in those wee hours. I fell in love with Him.

Over the next 10 years, I took more studies and began leading them – sometimes 3 groups at a time. My passion was to help people find God through His Word. I had never felt more whole. This was my purpose in God’s Kingdom. I called it ‘the sweet spot’.

But God was just laying the foundation.

I wanted everyone to be transformed by daily scripture and prayer but understood that busy moms have difficulty finding traditional quiet time. So I began an email ministry, using technology to spoon feed daily snippets of His Wisdom. It was a gentle reminder to include God in the day and could be accessed as easily as Facebook. They loved the reminder and convenience! Word spread and my distribution list grew. It was all God’s plan – more sweetness in His will.

After emailing devotions for two years, God pushed me outside my comfort zone.

When author Lucinda Seacrest McDowell spoke at our women’s retreat and announced her writer’s retreat, I knew. My wildly pounding heart told me immediately it was God’s calling. Timidly, and without revealing my little ministry, I learned more. Real, published authors would attend. Yikes! But they wanted beginners, even intimidated ones. I enrolled before finding an excuse to resist.

When the retreat included a blogging workshop, I understood God’s next step and I was scared. Thus far, my readers were friends and acquaintances. A blog would be public and open to scrutiny. People who knew me before I knew God might read it. Strangers might disagree and challenge my beliefs. It was risky!

Taking a deep breath, I took the plunge.

I felt confident God had led me to this point. He gifted me with a love for writing and learning. He put me through His course of training: Sunday school, rebellion, life lessons, loss, redemption, intense study, leadership, and intimate relationship with Him. I was ready. With a mix of excitement, terror, obedience, and encouragement from friends, Seeds of Scripture was launched.

It’s all God. I plant a seed from His Word. A sermon, article, song or friend might reinforce the teaching. But God makes it grow.

I am blessed to be His instrument.

So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. I Corinthians 3:7

Cathy ChungBDayCathyCrop was raised in the church but only came to know God personally as an adult. She finds joyful purpose in encouraging others to develop a relationship with Him. She teaches confirmation, leads women in Bible study and scatters seeds of scripture on her blog. She is married with three almost-adult children, listens to praise music while gardening, and desires to be used by God. Connect with Cathy at Seeds of Scripture, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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