Sleep. She would not come.

Months into living in my sister’s basement, I found myself awake again. Our bed a mattress on the floor because the frame and box springs wouldn’t fit down the stairs.

A major financial setback led us to this place — and to the brink of losing our loan for a new house. And yet, on this particular night, I knew I was held by more than my mattress.

My husband to my right, a dog at my feet, and a cat near my head. All that mattered most to me was here. Together. On that bed. And anywhere we put it down would be our home.

More than a decade later, I awoke again before full morning light. The cat no longer with us and dogs long since banished from the bed, I am instead sandwiched between my husband and my son.

The realization of the beauty in this particular bed crashes over me in a wave of contentment.

All is well. God is faithful. Life is good.

Which gets me thinking of an analogy I long clung to but had forgotten in recent years.

All the fuel. All the boosters. All the fire. All the smoke. All the umph is required at the start of anything. Overcoming the gravity and inertia of status quo is the absolute hardest part of any process.

But there comes a point, sometimes a sudden one, where moving through space and time is nearly effortless. Where the circling of the moon is natural and smooth.

It took a lot of jet fuel to get us out of the basement. Years before the boosters were even ready to fire. More during the countdown. Only to be met with the body-punishing exit from the place that held us down for far too long. An escape from this atmosphere takes everything you’ve got. And then some.

But I’m starting to see that world fading away in my rearview mirror. Its pull is waning. Its forces no longer holding us down.

And the view from here is something else.

It’s more floating than flying. More peace than push & pull.

Just maybe, we’re finding our orbit.

Please don’t hear me say perfect. Please don’t mistake our life as one of ease. I have no way of knowing what may be coming to knock us off course. And, too, while my family life is in a place of peace, so many other areas are still struggling to get off the ground.

But my hope is in this… that sincere effort is met with eventual relief is not just found in science, but also in scripture.

“Let us not grow weary of doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

The moon awaits you, friend. The energy it takes to get there will be Immense. Expensive. Exhausting.

And Temporary.

So start the countdown and do not fear the launch. The reward is already waiting.

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