I don’t know about you, but there are a lot of voices competing for my attention. Voices from work, from family, from other responsibilities. Most of those voices just want to talk or want me to do something for them or in the best of circumstances, just want to say something nice to or about me. I don’t mind these voices so much.

And then there are the voices that make me question who I am and what I am doing. You know the ones, right? The snarky questions. The degrading comments. The comparisons. The voices that none of us like to hear. It gets pretty crowded in there sometimes.

Yet we listen to them all the time.

I’m in a place of wanting to shut out all the extraneous noise of life. So that, I can hear the voice of my Savior. I’m grateful for the promises of blessings that come from being His daughter. The promises that say I am loved, I am protected, and I have work to do for His kingdom.

Zechariah was told that God’s promises for him would come true…

…And this shall come to pass, if you will diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God. Zecharia 6:15b

My promises are not the same as Zechariah’s…and your promises are not the same as mine. Well, except those that apply to all of us, like salvation and eternity! But what is the same for all of us is that when we obey the voice of our God, His promises will come true for each of us.

Since I want to stop listening to all the negative voices in my head, I’m gonna hang on to that promise! How about you?


spiral 2This post is also part of my series of verses for the Siesta Scripture Memory Team 2015 with Beth Moore and Living Proof Ministries. This is my twelfth verse of the year.

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