Holly has spoken on numerous topics and has listed several below that she enjoys giving. She also has other topics available and enjoys working with you to craft a message just for your event. 

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Come to the Well

What would you do if you met someone who knew your most intimate secrets the moment you said hello? Just like the thirsty woman who met Jesus at the well, we all have parts of our lives that we would prefer not to talk about. But when we are willing to open those places up to God, He brings healing that will change our lives.

Using John 4, Holly’s experience in sharing her story will help you learn to:

  • Replace shame with joy as you look at your past.
  • Discover strategies for making better choices today.
  • Increase your confidence as you share your story to encourage others.


Alternate Route

As accomplished and successful people, it is easy to fall into the trap of self-reliance. We can do it all, be it all, and have it all. And we don’t need any help, thank you very much!

Using Moses’ encounter with the burning bush, Holly helps us respond when God calls us to trust Him enough to take a different path. You will learn to:

  • Confidently step into God’s presence.
  • Fearlessly welcome God’s empowerment in your life.
  • Willingly choose to walk out of your own comfort zone.
  • Joyfully embrace satisfaction and fulfillment in God’s calling.


Your Script Has Been Rewritten

If you have ever struggled with sin (and who hasn’t?), you know your own tendency to replay those scenes over and over again for the rest of your life. Holly wants you to know that cycle can stop! She is a former captive set free through the grace of Jesus and a study of the book of Romans. 

Her testimony will help you:

  • Recognize where you are in the cycle of captivity.
  • Replace the old tapes in your head with new ones.
  • Renew your commitment to do hard things that lead to good things.
  • Rejoice in the new script God has for your life.

For Women’s Groups:

Reflections of My Mother Does the comment “you remind me of your mother” fill you with joy or dread? Our earliest and most intimate relationship is with our mothers. And even as we grow up and become independent, our relationships with our mothers continue to influence who we are as women. Having spent most of her life in a four-generation family, Holly has a unique insight into the lessons we can learn from the book of Ruth. Her story will help you:

  • Improve relationships with your mother and children with grace-in-the-moment reactions.
  • Draw boundaries without guilt that improve interactions.
  • Meet each other in the middle with mutual forgiveness.
  • Bring peace that will affect all generations.