I am so happy to be writing a series on perseverance with my sweet friends, Mary Geisen, Debbie Kitterman, and Patti Krank. We have become fast friends in the last couple of years…traveling together, doing a podcast together, and more. I can tell you these girls know a whole lot about perseverance!

This is the fourth post in the series and it is written by Debbie Kitterman. You can find the other posts here.

The Sting of Rejection

Ouch! Just the word rejection can bring back many memories of hurt, disappointment, and discouragement, can’t it? I mean, if anyone here has never felt the pain of rejection, please raise your hand. And then tell us how you’ve avoided it all these years!

I have felt it often…from middle school boys who weren’t so kind to a girl wearing glasses to women friends who often let our insecurities leap onto someone else to the unkind words someone may write online, I’ve felt them all! The good thing is that we will never feel rejection from our Father in heaven.

In Part 4 of our series on Perseverance, Debbie Kitterman shares her own story of feeling rejected and offers some encouragement for us to find our acceptance in what God says is true about us. Click HERE to read Debbie’s entire post.

One of my favorite parts of Debbie’s post is when she said, “Don’t allow the seeds of rejection to take root in your life.” The testimony today is that those seeds don’t have to take root and bloom into anger, bitterness, or insecurity.

When we fall victim to the enemy’s trap of rejection, the sting hurts that much more. But knowing who God says we are…and believing it…will protect us every day.






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Testimony Tuesday: Perseverance in Purpose