I am so happy to be writing a series on perseverance with my sweet friends, Mary Geisen, Debbie Kitterman, and Patti Krank. We have become fast friends in the last couple of years…traveling together, doing a podcast together, and more. I can tell you these girls know a whole lot about perseverance!

This is the seventh post in the series and it is from Patti Krank. You can find the other posts here.


Persevering through Pain to Freedom

Do you have those memories that make you wince when they come to mind? You know, the ones that are slightly (or maybe a lot) embarrassing? Or the ones that are downright painful to remember? Really, those are just rhetorical questions because I know we all do! The memories surface and we can flush with embarrassment all over again. And the painful ones can make us double-over from the gut punch all over again.

Then there are the memories that bring long-lasting wounds with them. Those are the easiest ones to recollect, it seems, and the hardest ones to deal with. Like my friend, Patti, I’ve resorted to some behaviors that defy explanation. Except for those wounds. In trying to cover those up or make them heal or just forget them, it’s easy to choose things our rational minds would never intend.

For those of us who have walked with Christ for any length of time, it can seem like the oft-promised freedom is just out of our reach.

In today’s installment of our Perseverance series, Patti shares about her journey from the pain to freedom. It’s a beautiful story of redemption, and one we can all relate to. You can read Patti’s post HERE.

Because the truth is that we all have pain. And we are all looking for freedom.

The testimony today is that we can have that freedom in Jesus. It’s not an empty promise. And when we lean on Jesus, He doesn’t leave us to gut through it all on our own. He is with us every step of the way as we persevere through the pain.






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