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I am so happy to be writing a series on perseverance with my sweet friends, Mary Geisen, Debbie Kitterman, and Patti Krank. We have become fast friends in the last couple of years…traveling together, doing a podcast together, and more. I can tell you these girls know a whole lot about perseverance!

This is the eighth and final post in the series and it is from Debbie Kitterman. You can find the other posts here.


Getting Your House in Order

In all honesty, I’m not the best housekeeper in the world. Oh, I like the days when I can get my house in order. And I like things to be in their place, particularly when I’m looking for them. But some days I’d rather just look at that pile of whatever from my comfortable perch on the sofa while I’m watching Netflix.

So when I saw the title of this last post in our perseverance series, I wondered if there was a subtle message in it for me. And there was. But not what I thought it would be.

In this post, Debbie tells about walking with God in the last few years to get her personal house in order. Not the physical one she and her family live in. Rather, it’s her holy house that the Spirit dwells in that God wanted her to see. Right in the middle of her post, Debbie says,

Getting my soul and spirit healthy was directly related to my relationship with food.  I am an emotional eater; I celebrate with food when things are good, and when things are not, well, I drown my sorrows in food.  The journey to get my body healthy is one that I MUST choose every day to persevere in and through.

Yep, me too. 

The Timing Couldn’t Better More Perfect

It was like that paragraph was aimed right at me. Because after spending the last several years working hard to get healthy, I’ve gotten lazy again. I’ve put back on a few pounds and I’m not working out like I need to and I’m craving all the things! But over the last month or so, I’ve been gearing up my heart and mind to address this situation in my life again.

And yesterday, Monday, June 5th, I started another round of Whole 30. I know I need to fuel my body better. Feeling better will also help me get back on the proverbial horse and start exercising again. And Debbie’s words were just what I needed to hear. Click HERE to read all of her post.

The testimony today is that it is never too late to take care of yourself. And if you’ve fallen off track like I have, there’s no better time to start over again then today.

That’s part of what I’ll be doing this summer as I take a break from writing. I’ll be listening for God’s voice…taking better care of myself…and resting. And it all starts with addressing my eating habits once again. Anyone care to join me?






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