There are two children sleeping soundly just down the hall from where I am writing. They have no idea how their little lives are about to change. The oldest might have an inkling, but only a small one. And the youngest still calls herself the baby. Well, just for a couple more hours!

It’s the third time we’ve done this…but it seems like the first time, every time. The moments filled with questions, and not a little concern. And the wonder. The wonder of what a new life will be. Who will he look like? How will he change our family? How might he change the world?

The writer of Proverbs said,

Children’s children are a crown to the aged… Proverbs 17:6

I’m not ready to claim being aged, but I will claim the crown. There is nothing like seeing your children holding their own children. In an instant, it makes all of the child-rearing worth it. All of the long days, short bank accounts, too much laundry, and too many places to be at once. All of the sports games, dance recitals, and parent-teacher conferences. All of the lazy summer days and the all of the crazy school days. Every last minute that brought your child to this moment in life is worth it.

New babies are new beginnings. Unimaginable gifts to their parents…but also to their grandparents. The circle of life grows bigger and somehow there’s always room for one more. 

So here we go again…off to the hospital, off to the waiting, off to the joy of welcoming a new one into the world.

Hurry up, Connor James! We can’t wait to meet you!


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