We slept in and stayed in our pajamas until 10:00 or better most days. And when we got dressed, it was simple jeans, tees, and tennis shoes. Only the barest makeup. I pulled the hair dryer out twice and never once plugged in the curling iron. We wrapped presents, made cookies, and went to see Christmas lights. It was a week for relaxing and making memories. But not for taking many pictures!

For one thing, I left my camera at home. So that meant using my phone, which oddly enough wasn’t always around when something picture-worthy happened. I think we were busy living life instead of photographing it. That’s probably best though…because long after the pictures are forgotten, the memories linger in our minds. 

It was a glorious week and I almost hated to come home. Almost. You see, my theory is that it’s good to go but it’s always good to come home too. After a few days, little annoyances begin to crop up. Everybody is tired of living outside their normal routine. And real life isn’t lived in pajamas every day. Although it might be nice to try it.

Real life is lived in the mundane responsibilities we all have. We get up, get dresssed, eat, go to work or school, or clean the house, or take care of kids, or do the laundry, or whatever it is that we do. The holidays are meant to be a break…a respite…a time to reflect over life and spend time with those we love.

But then it’s back to that real life.

So it begs the question (for me, anyway), now that Christmas is over, now what? We’ve spent a month celebrating the birth of Jesus and looking forward to the day He will return again. The gifts are opened, the food is eaten, and many of us have gone back to our own homes by now. The rest will follow over the next week. Because come January 4, the world picks up steam again and time marches on, as the calendar pages rush past every day.

And so, now what?

Will I continue to look for Jesus?

Does the anticipation of His return remain great?

Am I still extending grace and mercy and compassion to those less fortunate?

Or am I content to remain with what I found in Christmas? Not that what we find in Christmas is bad. It’s just that we can’t live there. Jesus didn’t remain a baby. He grew and learned and experienced and got ready for the thing God sent Him here to do.

God has more for us to do too. As we move beyond the wonder of the season that brought our Lord to this earth, let’s hold on to our expectation. Let’s eagerly anticipate what comes next…what God will have us do in the new year…where He will be working and invite us in.

Because as good as it is to go away for a bit, it’s always good to come back home again. To pick up where real life left off. To look forward to the blessings and opportunities of a new year. To keep our eyes open for what’s ahead.

Whatever comes is a gift. We can’t tell the future, we just have to live in it. So what are you expecting for the coming year?

You never know, this might be the year Jesus comes again!


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