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Movin’ On Up…or Down As the Case May Be

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen that I have been moving over the last couple of weeks. It’s a long-awaited answered prayer and I’m so excited to be in my new home. My new home which is also back home for me, in the town where I was born. I’m not in the mountains anymore and although I miss seeing my co-workers there on a daily basis, I’m not missing the snow that is there right now!

At the same time, my daughter and her family have been moving too. Only they’ve had to depend on the US Army to get all their stuff moved. That’s almost worse than having to move it yourself. So what does a young family with three small children and three dogs and a cat do when they move out of one place and their furniture hasn’t arrived a the new place? Especially when they can’t stay with Mom? Well, they stay with Nana and Poppy, that’s what.

And I’m just going to tell you that we had a lot of togetherness over those 12 days. Mom and Dad graciously gave up their peace and quiet to provide a bed and breakfast for Rachel, Daniel, and the kids. Rachel helped me go back up to Crossnore for a second load of my belongings. The dogs all played in the backyard and the cat hid in the garage. Except when she was staring at my mom’s cat through the glass storm door on the front porch.

The pictures above were taken over the weekend. It was the day after Rachel and Daniel’s truck finally…finally…arrived. I cooked dinner for all of us and even though there are no curtains on  my windows and no pictures on the walls, we had a great evening. From the looks of the pictures though, it seems like the girls might have had a better evening than the boys.

God Redeems Family

The testimony for today is how God redeems even our family relationships. You know, even in families that love one another as much as we do, there are still those irritations that crop up. There are sometimes things said that are painful. Sometimes we let one another down or disappoint each other. But through it all, my family has never wavered in our love, in our belief in each other, and in our support of whoever needs it the most.

In those moments when we think we can’t live together one more minute, let alone one more day, God redeems conflicts. He redeems slights. And He redeems disappointment and hard feelings and irritations. The love we share as a family is bigger than anything that could ever come between us. Even when we are tired and frustrated and anxious. We are blessed indeed as a family and although those 12 days were awfully long (especially for Mom and Dad!), we wouldn’t trade anything for the opportunity to help  one another out.






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