Decisions, Decisions

I’ve been asked to pray about several decisions lately. To listen for God’s direction about my involvement in two different ministries. And to date, I haven’t gotten any direction yet. I say yet because I’m confident that God will answer and answer clearly at the right time.

How do I know that? Because he has done it in the past.

Your Journey Has the Lord’s Approval

There was a time when I was praying about stepping down from a ministry. I’d been involved for nearly four years and I was tired. T-i-r-e-d. And began to feel that God was drawing me in a different direction.

At the same time, this new direction kept coming up in different scenarios in my life. I might hear a sermon about following God’s lead. A couple of times others approached me for thoughts about being involved in this new ministry. And I continued to pray. When I let my co-leader know that I was considering stepping down, the conversation left me confused. I knew what I was being called to do but hated disappointing others.

So I prayed some more. And this time I asked God for some specific direction.

A few days or a week went by and I was at work one morning. I kept a perpetual calendar on my desk so I flipped it over to that day’s date and read,

Go in peace. Your journey has the Lord’s approval. Judges 18:6

Well there you have it. The exact confirmation I needed.

How Can You Be Sure?

I’m asked this question all the time…how can I know for sure that God is leading in one direction or another? Following these steps has never failed me…

  • Pray and listen to the heart leadings you are receiving. God put those feelings there for a reason. Don’t ignore them.
  • Seek wise counsel from the people who know you best. They can be objective and often see things we are missing.
  • Ask God for confirmation in His word. Since He never asks us to do anything that contradicts His word, seeking a verse for confirmation can help reassure us that we are on the right track.
  • And the final confirmation is the peace you experience after making the decision. For me, when I read that verse I knew that stepping down was the right thing to do. And I felt amazing peace about, regardless of what reactions others might (and did) have.

Where is God going to lead me in the current decisions I’m making? I don’t know yet. But the testimony today is that He knows. And He will reveal it in just the right time.






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