Image 3-2-16 at 7.35 AMIt was time for my annual review. Expecting nothing new, you can imagine my surprise when the one thing my supervisor asked me to do was to speak up more often in our team meetings. Me? Speak up more often? That’s not something others usually ask of me!

Nevertheless, she felt that I expressed my opinions or ideas readily enough but when there was push back, I shut down. And she was right. Giving her comments consideration, I remembered a number of situations where expressing my strongly held beliefs felt like running my head against a brick wall…as if no one was listening or took me seriously. I don’t know about you, but I’m only going to run headlong into a brick wall so many times. I might be a slow learner but eventually, I’ll start avoiding what causes pain!

In Acts 4, we find Peter and John arrested for boldly speaking God’s truth. They were held overnight and the next day appeared in front of the Jerusalem council. After being questioned and threatened, Peter and John were released. They returned to their friends, told them what happened, and the whole group lifted their voices in prayers of thanksgiving. But in that prayer is this interesting request…{Read more}

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