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I had settled down on the sofa and was about 15 minutes from the end of an episode of NCIS. It was a rerun, which is about all you can get on a Saturday night, but at least it was one I hadn’t seen.

Then, complete darkness. No loud noises, no lightning strikes, nothing to precipitate the lights going out. But they were gone and I was sitting in a dark house.

Actually, dark doesn’t even begin to describe it. If you’ve ever been to the mountains of NC, you will notice that it is really dark up here at night. There are few street lights, and lots of trees, and just not much light after the sun goes down. It was one of the first things I noticed when I moved up here. Not much light at all at night.

In my apartment though, there is a security light just behind my building that shines in around the blinds, as well as the light on the microwave, and the cable box, and the smoke detectors. It’s enough light that I rarely turn on a light if I get up in the middle of the night. I can make it from my bed to the kitchen or bathroom without any trouble.

Not so on Saturday night. When the lights went out, it was darker than any dark I’ve seen before. I had to turn on the flashlight on my phone to get to the bedroom to find the flashlight I keep next to the bed. There was no way to even walk through my house in this dark.

I sat there for a few minutes and finally decided this wasn’t going to be a momentary power blip. So I pulled out my iPad to watch some Netflix. Wouldn’t you know that I was almost to the end of an episode of The West Wing when the WiFi went down. There was nothing left to do at that point besides go to bed!

Sunday morning dawned foggy and rainy. The power was back on inside, but outside, it was miserable. But only for a little while, because when I came out of church, the whole scenario had changed. The sun was shining, the sky was bluer-than-blue, and the clouds were as white and puffy as they could be.


Isn’t life like that sometimes? The loss of power or Internet service is certainly a first world problem. But the darkness, lack of communication, and loss of power are a perfect metaphor for what happens when life seems to be dark all around us. Sometimes it’s just for a night. But sometimes it’s much longer than that. And we wonder if we will ever smile again.

The Psalmist reminds us,

The deepest pains may linger through the night,
    but joy greets the soul with the smile of morning.

Psalm 30:5 (VOICE)

I don’t know what storms you may be facing today. Or where you feel the light has gone out of life. Maybe dark doesn’t even begin to describe it. The burdens have stolen your joy and you aren’t sure where you can turn next.

But be reminded of this truth today…and hold on tight to it…

God has promised us that although the pains may linger, joy is coming. The morning will smile again.

And so will we.


Thanks for creating community here with us! The Big Red Sofa Series is about the things I see in life that make me go hmmmm. What God teaches me in scripture. The ordinary things that God can use to drive home spiritual lessons. The questions I sometimes ask. The stories we can all share. So pull up a cushion and join me on the sofa. I’d love to hear from you!


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