Time for a Breather

It’s a refrain I’m hearing more and more these days. “There’s so much noise on social media.” “I’m not sure I have anything to say anymore.” “I’m just tired.” Maybe you’ve heard those things too.

I started blogging eight long years ago. It was terrifying at first as I timidly put out a post here or there. And then I found a rhythm and a voice and I was off and running. Sometimes I would write four to five times a week. That fact alone seems kinda crazy to me these days.

Michelle Derusha expressed similar feelings in her post last week. In her post Michelle talked about having fewer and fewer words these days. I find that to be true too…especially as I get older. It seems that I have less to say…and even less of a need to say it. And I eagerly welcome the silence that used to be deafening to this extrovert. Michelle quoted Henri Nouwen,

But silence is a sacred discipline, a guard of the Holy Spirit.

That simple sentence resonated with me profoundly. It never occurred to me that this silence I feel descending could be a guard of the Holy Spirit. I thought I was just tired. And I am. My recent post on persevering through change can certainly attest to that!

There Is More

But there is so much more than that. I yearn for the simplicity of an evening on the porch with the sounds of children playing in the neighbor’s yard.

Time spent with friends seems much more valuable than time spent behind a computer.

Picking up some things I used to do has a certain appeal too…like reading a book cover to cover in one, two or three settings. Or enjoying a walk around my neighborhood instead of doing it just to get enough steps in that day. Then there’s taking photographs for the sheer joy of documenting my day or enjoying God’s creation without wondering how I can use the photo in a blog post.

There’s joy in fixing up my house to be a place of welcome respite for those God places in my path.


And there is profound peace in time spent listening for the voice of God as I search for glimpses of His presence every day.

All of these feel like things the Spirit is calling me to as the discipline of silence becomes a guard around my mind, my heart, and my soul.

So That Leads to Less

For now it means less words, less writing, no blogging or podcasting, and less striving in the online world that I have felt so part of all these years. It’s time for a breather from all. the. things. I’ve known for several months that God was calling me to a place of quiet and rest. What I don’t know is exactly how long that will last. But what I do know is that I’m certain God has a purpose in mind. 

So this week is the last week of Testimony Tuesday for now. Prayerfully God will give me direction for this space by the end of the summer and I will update you all then. You have been loyal and loving friends who have built a lovely community of acceptance and support here each week. For that, I am grateful.


The testimony today is that sometimes God calls us away from something good for a time, because He is working something better in us. I’m anxious to find out what that may be, and ask for your prayers along the way. I can hardly wait for the time when I can report back to you about what’s been going on!

And if you are ever in my part of North Carolina, come sit on the porch with me. I’d be glad to have you!






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Holly Barrett

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