Happy Monday, friends! Welcome to the Big Red Sofa. Grab a cushion and let’s chat…

I spent the last four days traveling for work. I love to travel, I like getting to see new places, eat in new restaurants, meet new people. And like I did on this trip, see an old friend too. Staying in a hotel is nice too…having someone bring your breakfast to the door each morning and make your bed. I could get used to that!

But in reality, traveling for work sounds more glamorous than it actually is. There are long days of driving and then hauling all your booth stuff in when you arrive. Two days of standing on your feet at a booth, talking to people, attending events, and talking to more people. Then packing up what you didn’t sell and driving it all back home. It’s a lot…even for this extrovert.

What never ceases to amaze me is all the people we see and meet. And I’m just gonna say it out loud, right here, right now…

People are weird.

Yep, they are. They wear weird outfits. They say weird things. They look at you weird. People are just weird. Here’s a few examples…

“Where do you get these woven goods?” (We make them on our campus.) “Nooooo, these aren’t made by a machine?” (Is that an insult that you don’t believe me, or a compliment on the work?)

Then there’s this,

“Do you make these all yourself?” (Why yes, yes I do. They only let me out from the cellar where I make the goods when they want me to sell the goods.)

Or how about this,

“Do y’all still make XYZ?” (No ma’am, we don’t. We actually never have made that item.) “Really? Well, my grandmother used to get those from you and they were wonderful. Why did you stop making them?” (Honestly, I have no idea and I think you may have dreamed this.)

Or this,

“Would you ever drive back here and speak at our group meeting?” (We might, if we could group it together with some visits with other groups.) “We meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month. That wouldn’t be a problem, would it?” (crickets)

We just have to laugh. Because people are weird.

Here’s the thing though…as weird as I think others are, they think I’m just as weird. Maybe even more so. I’m always reminded that when I have a laugh at something someone has said, they are probably having a laugh at what I’m wearing. Or vice versa.

The truth is this,

Now let Us conceive a new creation—humanity—made in Our image, fashioned according to Our likeness. Genesis 1:26a

We are all made in His image. Humanity in the image of Divinity. In all our weirdness…all our quirks…all our idiosyncrasies. We are all still made in His image. Can you even imagine?

It just makes me realize that I can’t wait to meet God face-to-face. I think He’s gonna be a hoot!


Thanks for creating community here with us! The Big Red Sofa Series is about the things I see in life that make me go hmmmm. What God teaches me in scripture. The ordinary things that God can use to drive home spiritual lessons. The questions I sometimes ask. The stories we can all share. So pull up a cushion and join me on the sofa. I’d love to hear from you!


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