I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it’s cold and drizzly here. At least it’s not snowing. It’s a great day to settle down on the Big Red Sofa for a chat.

Hopefully you saw this post from Jennifer Dukes Lee last week. Jennifer has a new book about to release (and available for pre-order) called Love Idol. And in this post, Jennifer is inviting us along on a soul-journey through Lent. She is challenging us to ask a scary question. What love-idol have we been putting before God? And more importantly, are we willing to give it up?

When I stand in the sanctuary on Easter morning, I want to know that my whole heart has been yielded to Christ. (Because it isn’t, always.)
– Jennifer Dukes Lee

Mine isn’t either.

So as I’ve prayed about this challenge and with trepidation asked God to reveal my own love-idols, He has lovingly shown the following…

My Idols Revealed

Some days the idol of work is too enticing. I want to be good at what I do. And I want to be recognized for what I do. Because surely if others recognize the hard work, then I must be good. Approved of. Looked up to. Rather than recognizing that the work comes from Him in the first place and it is He who brings it to its completion.

Then there’s the idol of being a good Bible-study girl. Which is not a bad thing until you are striving to do it all right. To learn it all today. To write the best words and most moving sentences. To update and blog and tweet the things that show I have it all together. Rather than resting in Him, focusing on Him, and allowing everything else to come from the overflow of my heart hidden in His.

Since I have an office in my home, it’s easy to have days where I don’t really get dressed for the outside world. I affectionately refer to those as my jammie days. But when I do get dressed to go out or to have meetings or even to run to the grocery, I’m struck by the mirror idol. The right make up, the sufficiently big hair, the jewelry that matches. There’s nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward, until you begin to dislike what you see in the mirror because it’s not meeting some arbitrary standard that you grew in your own head based on comparison to others. And worry about what those others will think. Rather than letting my beauty shine from within. Allowing Him to grow a beauty of gentleness of spirit in me that comes from trusting Him.

But I’m Already Approved

I suppose I’m not alone in disliking pictures of myself. But thinking about how God has already preapproved me…chosen me…adopted me…I’m getting more comfortable in that skin and in those pictures. Yeah, we all have bad hair days or pictures with one eye closed or some snarky look on our face. But the truth of the matter is that disliking our pictures is just one way of not loving ourselves. Not accepting who God made us to be. Not basking in the glow of His preapproval.

During this season of Lenten reflection, let’s allow God to show us where our idols are.

Let Him do the work necessary to tear those idols down. 

Let’s stand up on Easter morning wholly yielded to Him. 

Let’s present ourselves as “one approved” because that is who we are.






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