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With the current state of affairs in our world, we often need the reminder that God is in control. In today’s episode, Kristi Woods reminds us of that very fact. She is a wife and mom of three, a writer, and a lover of God’s word. Her family has served our country in the military and are now retired and living in Oklahoma. Kristi writes to encourage women and can be found in multiple places across the web (see links below). She enjoys memorizing scripture and feels it is vital to our walk with the Lord. Kristi takes life seriously but doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously and she has a lot of fun along the way! This conversation with Kristi was just like two old friends enjoying a coffee house chat.

Living a Redeemed Life is a podcast dedicated to encouraging all who listen to live in the redemption found in Jesus every day. Each week I enjoy a conversation with a friend—some old friends, some new—and we talk about all the things. Jobs and friends, spouses and kids, the writing life, the struggles we’ve overcome, the ones we’re still struggling with, and much more. And along the way, we look for how God is redeeming each circumstance to bring us closer to Him. It’s also a lot of fun! So sit back and relax, and enjoy my conversation with friends!

Links from Today’s Show

Kristi Woods – Encouraging Women to Walk Deeper with God

Life Letter Cafe

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions

Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage to Overcome Your Fears by Kelly Balarie

The Art of Spiritual Writing: How to Craft Prose that Engages and Inspires Your Readers by Vinita Hampton Wright


Downton Abbey

Blue Bloods

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